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With over 4 million Bike’s, 3 wheelers, Atv’s, scooters and Jet skis on the road and water today, there are more and more passengers wanting to ride. Some are children, wives, even husbands and friends. Why take the chance on your loved ones not being able to hold on safely. – Solution The Motostrap…read more »

MOTOSTRAP is a Tandem Passenger Belt for any passenger vehicle. Our goal is to provide a superior safe riding environment for motorcycles, atvs, scooters and jetskis for tandem riding.

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Provided by Traveling with a passenger is a task best left to the experienced motorcycle operator because it affects many different aspects of your bike’s operation. Carrying a person on the back of your bike is quite different than transporting a heavy suitcase or other cargo. If you want to carry passengers on your…read more »

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